Everything's been said. Can you hear me?
Project info

I want this project to be as open to interpretation as possible, hence the title so wide and abstract.
We try to say what we "think" as much as possible with our work. We are obsessed with making a point, with being heard, singled out from the crowd.
Always looking to be heard. There's a beautiful irony in this.
This project is an exercise of liberation from the thinking mind. It's not about a subject, it's not a plot nor story. It's not about anything concrete or definite. I like to think of these images the way we smell. Some love the odor of a perfume, some get dizzy and hate it. Fresh paint can take you back to high school, and the smell of warm croissants can remind you of your divorce in a bakery, or that it's lunch time.
A photograph takes a life of it's own the moment the viewer interprets it. The umbilical cord with it's creator is then cut. It's no longer truly yours as a creator. It belongs to the viewer from a deep sense of values and connections to one's self, culture and history. This permits the viewer into the creative process. An invitation to be an author too, at least of interpretation and meaning.
It is my intent to establish a sense of "being" in this world, in a very private, personal sense. I do get to know myself better by just looking at my own pictures. Why did I shoot that? Why does it resonate so deeply within? Why are these two pictures so different, but also so alike? Why does this remind me so much of what I feel about this or that?
I hope it makes the questions needed to take you wherever your answers, (or questions), point to.