Theater of Broken Dreams
Project info

A theater that resembles the Toy Theater, a theater in which live the raving aspects of the human soul, the dissatisfaction of a life lived always in the shadow of great experiences. The frustration, the envy and finally madness and sadism, the last experiences that surround and annihilate ... the soul that becomes black. The madness that makes you lose touch with reality but makes you survive. Sadism, together with envy and frustration, represented in a decadent stage, transfer one's pain to others, to a never satisfied audience, to a full but empty room. All that remains is to abandon the dreams and present an "exciting spectacle of prevaricating violence, an indecent spectacle of complacent weakness." The end is the ridicule, for the paying public ". Life wants you forgotten and in this theater of broken dreams instead, it wants you full of that life that you never managed to live, that life itself has denied you ... and you dress with the heavy colored clothes of hypocrisy a mask that creates deception.