The Stories about Agent Orange victims in Vietnam
Project info

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Vietnam in 2012, the Korea Broadcasting System (MBC) and Vietnam's VAVA (Vietnam Association for Victims of Agent Orange) jointly planned the huge project.
The project was a nationally endeavored project that ran a bicycle over 1,750km in Vietnam.
The project was aimed at producing documentary broadcast programs and helping patients with defoliants through fundraising.
I participated as a photographer of this project.
And these photographs are the pictures of The Agent Orange Victims who I met at the time.
I was given the opportunity to meet Agent Orange Victims in the new town, which arrives every day.
Most of the victims of Agent Orange I met were children who suffered from Agent Orange damage over 2 generations and 3 generations.
The only few lines of text that I know of in world history were too short to account for the pain of the Agent Orange Victims I saw with my eyes.
They were still suffering, and their offspring were not free from the pain.
I look forward to the opportunity to use my photos for those who need help again.