Desert Car Wash
Project info

I found the focus of my latest project just down the road from my Palm Springs home. I was taking my car for a wash when I discovered a true gem in the desert, The Desert Hand Car Wash. It was established in 1947 by Barbara McKinney at 645 South Palm Canyon Drive. Barbara was the first non Native American girl born in Palm Springs. The same year that the car wash opened Frank Sinatra visited the town and changed it forever. While I was shooting I could imagine Frank rolling through with his Rat Pack buddies getting one of his American classics cleaned. Maybe he left a memorable tip, since he only carried hundred dollar bills in his wallet, I've heard. Fulgenicio, Miguel, Jimmy, Landon and Keith are among some of the dedicated staff portrayed in the shots keeping Palm Springs' cars clean with just soap water and buckets, just as was done back in the 40’s.