Andres the Caveman
Project info

Meet Andres....the caveman : until 4 years ago social worker counseling drug addicts on Tenerife .... until it all has become too much .... lives since then on Gran Canaria in a cave on a difficult to reach and remote beach. He lives with what the sea gives him and the few visitors to the beach leave him ... for me that man is richer than Bill Gates.... my most difficult assignment is him deliver the prints of his photos because the postman does not pass his cave !!
By the way, his cave is a surplus of a harbor about 100 years ago ... when the road was broken and it was no longer (or difficult) to reach ... it is just deserted ... the sea slowly but certainly takes everything back!

Dixit Lensculture :

"The photographer Paul Strand said, "Portrait is a photo of someone you do not know, but you will never forget". Of course, this is the value of every photograph but for sure is the value of your pictures here. Andres is not someone that you will forget.

It’s a wonderful, original and genuine work. Your pictures show a good eye for composition. When I'm looking at a single photograph or a project, I'm always looking for those features that will make their viewing experience unique and your project includes many of those features. You combine powerful photographic qualities into your photos, such as efficient lighting, interesting perspective, strong composition, intriguing subject matter and alluring aesthetics and you create a strong work. Also your black and white is very effective. Technically there is not much to suggest as your images demonstrate great ability and confidence. I particularly like when all of the elements come together to make the picture complete. This happens best when the, framing, subject and light combine into a single strong photograph. Their viewing it's unique and an experience for the viewer. The most important is that they have an emotional impact and that you tell a story. The construction of a series is very difficult because is not only how good are your pictures but how those pictures will put together in order to form a narrative and here you have done great work."