Wenn du gehen musst, willst du doch auch bleiben
Project info

My grandparents Franz & Theresia Protschka have been expelled after the Second Worldwar from Bohemia and lost everything they had. Therefore it was almost impossible for them to throw anything away when they built up a new life in Germany.

They were both around 90 years old when they died last year. Unfortunately we had to sell the house both have lived in for more than 60 years. This house in the franconian province in Germany had been the centre for our family.

These pictures were taken in this house when my mother Dagmar, my cousin Laura and me had to clear and clean the house before we sold it. So the photographs had been realised during the decision process of keeping or giving away all the objects.

One way not being too sad about loosing this house with all the memories in it, was to do absurd things on the photographs.

In these pictures you can see my mother Dagmar, my cousin Laura and my brother Heiko wearing old clothes of our grandparents.

(engl. "don't you also want to stay if you have to leave")