Self Phone
Project info

This particular project is concerned with the fact that people now are taking an enormous amount of selfies. The smartphones move some of our presence from the real world over to the virtual world, and ‘Self Phone’ is about how these new tools have changed our behaviours and habits, especially when it comes to our sense of physical self in the public sphere.

When looking at ourselves on the display of the smartphone, we tend to forget how we in fact look in the eyes of others in that very moment. Inspired by this, I explore the body language of the selfie photographer, positioning myself on the outside of the situation, showing both the beauty and the peculiarity of our self-indulgance, often in a humouristic way.

In this project, as in my previous work, I stand both in front of and behind the camera.

Kristoffer Eliassen won 3rd prize for this series in the category “Staged” at Sony World Photography Awards 2016.