“Desire in Silence”
Project info

I have always been interested in making photos. In a world occupied by natural and artificial objects, I have the feeling that these objects are integrating us with themselves. I feel that they talk to us, look at us, and perhaps despise us because we have created them to be harmful entities, and have gradually made them to be inseparable parts of our everyday life. Perhaps they feel an urge to criticize us. Probably they feel we have imprisoned them, and now they are detainees of our lifestyle and inner personality. Maybe we have misused them. Maybe they long for being something else. But our self-centeredness has changed them into dangerous things, in the end harming ourselves. Perhaps they desire to play with us, talk to us or even sing, but we do to them what we want to. We use them as we wish; right or wrong, no difference. And they can never protest. We just consider our own desires, ignoring the fact that they should be seen and used in a different way. I the collection “Desire in Silence”, I have used the relationship between objects to show different feelings and create novel concepts. Sometimes I have benefited from form, and sometimes I have combined different concepts. I have used the combination of concepts, changes in applications and particular forms of positioning to display innovative concepts. Also, colors are used to create a new world surrounding objects. These ten photos are part of a project still under development.