Urban Trees
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Urban Trees

My work explores the homogenisation of our modern cities. The Urban landscapes in this work springs from the areas between the buildings, exploring the street furniture. Stationary objects, practical objects, giving orders, instructions and lighting the way to all who happens to pass.

Amongst this functional furniture, trees are brought in to decorate the urban landscapes, to reside on the tarmac and paving stones that covers the soil of its origin. Solitary trees in the shadow of modern urban living, its function in life to garnish and decorate in a square metre of growing space, controlled and tamed.

These images document trees in the shadow of dominating street furniture, blending nature into its man made environment. The style is a straight-on view point, breaking rules of composition and landscape photography, placing the point of focus in the middle, sometimes cutting the image in half.

This work is an ongoing project, expanding into different cities and countries.