Polish Summer - ONGOING
Project info

„Polish Summer" is a photographic analysis of the socio-political processes in present-day Poland. The project is at the same time an attempt to examine the reasons for the gradual break with democracy in Poland, which is currently occurring at many levels of the state organization. This study is based on the recent history of the country, which was founded in 1918. The realization takes place on two visual levels of meaning: On the one hand, everyday spaces are documented. They tend to go unnoticed in public. However, these spaces are a daily environment for millions of people and form the true backdrop for social change. They are often arranged unconsciously and indirectly (co-)organised by the citizens. For this reason, an objective picture of "normal" ways and places can say more about the cultural condition of a society than postcard motifs of planned, representative places. The documentation of everyday spaces is contrasted with photographs of objects and places that are of political and historical relevance for the development of national identity and mentality. The pictures of these objects and places can also appear to be unimportant or cursory noticed. Therefore, every picture of this group is accompanied by an explanatory, merit-based short text. The text should help to promote knowledge about the importance and background of the pictured things. This hybrid method is intended to make it possible to sensitise the public outside Poland to the understanding of the current zeitgeist in this Eastern European country. The aim of this work is also to inspire Polish recipients to critically reflect on the mental structure of their own society. Right now, in the time of the perceived change and 100 years after the founding of the state, a summary is recommended.

Technical realization: Colour film, large format / 4x5-inch,
Expected content: 100-120 baryta prints, 30x42, and 40x50cm
Status: ongoing, finish 2018/2019