Playgrounds - Empty Spaces
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What are Playgrounds? Are they just public Places our parents brought us for doing wild stuff we were not allowed to do at home? Are they more, are they maybe a memory of a younger self? I believe Playgrounds change their being depending in what kind of life section you are in. As a child they are pure satisfaction. They are the places were you discovered the taste of sand and were you learned how high you can swing before it hurts jumping of. When the sun goes down they change.
Teenagers are gathering to try their first beers or have a go on how cigarette smoke tastes like.
After this period it takes quite a while before Playgrounds get interesting again. It is when you are sitting on the benches and watch your own children playing. Right now I am right in the middle of the last two stages. They are just there and do not have any relevant use. They are kind of invisible for people my age, only when you concentrate on them, you notice.