Metal Pegs Jam 2017
Project info

The Metal Pegs Jam is a meeting between "BMX rider" in the streets of London (the biggest street bmx event of the year in London) organized at the end of May to celebrate the return of outdoor sessions. The event brings together a hundred sportsmen, of all levels, of all ages, and especially of all styles to discover several "spots" to ride. Hip-hop music, sunshine and beer cans were on hand to make this day memorable in the minds of the riders.
BMX is more than just an extreme sport, it's a lifestyle in which everyone has their own creativity and personality. It's a sport of meeting and sharing, there is no school or rules to learn how to control your bike, there is no judgment or discrimination, just a search for freedom, adrenaline and self-accomplishment. Indeed, in May the 27th of 2017, the freedom's spirit (even if the police can interfere from time to time - see photo) found a place on the street to talk about his creativity. The level was quite committed, with very nice actions and fortunately ended without big injuries. As a BMX rider, it was impossible for me to miss this incredible day. I went there with my bike and my cameras to put in images this sport which is little known of the general public. It was important for me to show this spirit of conviviality, fraternity and especially of the mix that we find in London because of its great variety of nationality. The idea was to photograph flim to accentuate this atmosphere "british old school" and keep this event authentic.