SAIESEO: between two Koreas and Japan (the lifetime repetition of the woman)
Project info

"SAIESEO: between two Koreas and Japan" is family portrait of ZAINICHI: Koreans in japan.. (* In this text, ZAINICHI means not just Koreans live in Japan. It means the people who moved to Japan from Korean peninsula in the Japanese colonial period and their descendants. From 1910 to 1945, in the Japanese colonial period, about 200 million people moved to Japan for seeking better life and compulsory manpower mobilization.)

KIM insook is the artist who makes her work mainly with photography and video through interactions with people. For her, the work is ‘an act of connecting’.

She’s working consistently for 14 years with the concept that is ‘ordinary’ in ‘unordinary’ things. And there is also special moment if you focusing on ‘ordinary’ days through private history of the people. The trace of ‘the meeting’ is visualized with installations of photos, videos and objects.

This series stared from 2008. KIM insook plan to work about 20 years.
And when Korea was separated South and North, Koreans in Japan's identity was separated.
And Koreans in Japan have many kind of identity.
The project aims to record the change of family identity and change of their lives.