London Eye
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London — a metropolis with many contrasts. On the one hand futuristic buildings have shot up in the last years in the City and Canary Wharf and whole districts are changing at a rapid pace; at the same time London's conglomeration of village-like communities still retain their character.

Since the eighties I've made many visits to London and explored the city with my camera. Up until the turn of the century I photographed purely in black-and-white, only latterly in colour as well. Perhaps the use of colour heightens the changes in the 21st century. Having recently visited Brick Lane in the East End, I noticed the very different face of the district from the images I took in the mid-eighties.

These images are a selection from an on-going photographic journal about this city and are set out in a chronicle sequence from the black-and-white photos of the early nineties to recent colour pictures. My aim is to capture a feeling of the the times in street images. Whilst the face of London is quickly changing the still image focuses on and freezes a moment of a certain time.