Lost Memories
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Thoughts often occupy the mind. Thoughts of what has happened, of what will be. With the passage of time, people usually start to question themselves - who they are, why they are certain way, how they got to where they are. Memories emerge to life. Memories of past events momentarily transport the soul and however good or bad, they are all significant.
As people want to have memories, they like to relate, they like to belong. People want to know where they come from, who they were, who their parent were. It gives them stability. It roots them to the world and the individual that they have become and the one they have chosen to pursue to be. One would usually know where they are going, but they can draw power from the revelation of the specific reasons for why exactly they have chosen a particular path.
The photographs used in the Lost Memories series are not the artist’s own. Having all his childhood photographs lost during the Bosnian war, coming across photographs in an Op-shop from the time he was born by shier coincidence, evoked feelings of familiarity and belonging. It has been a rare opportunity to reconnect with memories from the past, rebuild and preserve pressures thoughts.
The blurred effect simulates the way memories linger in our minds. The partial figures in the images are significant of the flashes we usually have of long term, distant images in our head. The intertwining of the pictures is the mind’s way of collating long term memories to oblivion and our desperate will to resist and keep them alive.
Life is a journey. Memories can serve as witness to ones journey. One would want to have memories, as they would want to say they had a journey. They were alive. They were significant.