Adventures Series
Project info

The series Adventures constitutes works reminiscent of movie stills in which our characters Mrs. O. Haapala and Mr. Helmut Schweinstein appear in a range of scenes taking place at the turn of the 19th and 20th century.

The images show phenomena that were distinctive to the time. They seem fascinating, romanticized, even objectionable. A century ago the world was undergoing major changes: the industrial revolution had brought wealth and technology. Medicine had developed, a new middle class had emerged and equality issues were slowly being evolved. There was strong optimistic trust in the future that was only to be crushed by the two World Wars.

Later on we have seen what the industrialization and its innovations have brought upon us: a polluted planet and cruel wars. The information overflow has made us numb and created a looming dystopian threat. The fin-de-siècle flickers in our imagination as a brass-shimmering era when development advanced without plastic, concrete suburbs or a bad conscience about wasting natural resources.