Changing States of Matter
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The alchemist sought to resolve the mystery of transmutation – changing an insubstantial substance into gold – and in the process transformed themselves.
In classical physics there are fixed principles: “Phase transitions occur at very precise points, when the energy (measured as temperature) of a substance in a given state exceeds that allowed in the state.” When the temperature drops, water freezes into crystalline structures.
In quantum physics everything is in flux, shape-shifting energy fields whose potential becomes frozen into a state only when a method of observation is selected.
For me, the camera is my means of observation.
In this series I am looking to capture that elusive moment when a thing’s nature is in transition. In this series my focus is on water and the ever changing textures, colors, light and shadow reflected in moments both fluid and static. Still images contain the suggestion of transition and change, inviting reflection on the ebb and flow of one’s internal world mirroring the natural tides of life.