Shio-sai (Tidal Tints)
Project info

The gradual change of the sky: shortly before the sunrise or shortly after the sunset. The color of the sky is never the same. I capture the reflection of such sky on the sea surface and make the representation of tide in various color and shape.

I only shoot at dawn when the sky becomes dimly bright before the sunrise or at dusk when the sky turns dark after the sunset. They are the moments when the sky becomes truly colorful and the dim light brings out the sentiment from the sea. On the contrary, the sunlight becomes too dominant at daytime and the color of the sky becomes too flat and plain. There is nothing special or exciting about the appearance of the sea as well.

It is inevitable to shoot at slow shutter speed because of the dimness at dawn or sunset. I was able to attain a paint-brush-like motion blur through trial-and-error to achieve a picturesque representation. The light and the color of the sea shot at one-severalth of a second or a several seconds becomes a picture that no naked eye could capture.