Project info

Description: Series “Seascapes “, Peter Franck 2016/ 2017
The pictures shown pictures tell stories of the sea. They show nature. Nature seen through through the spectacles of our cultural history. They show time leaps and the still valid view of the seascape. The history of a landscape that has always been there and becomes a "story and history" through the people and their imprint. In these pictures the fragility is to be shown and the task to protect it. Sometimes the silence of the sea is broken through a ship, a ghost ship full of stories. Another time the sun seems to draw a trace to the sky. The landscape becomes the stage of our existence. What remains is nature.

All shown photographs challenge our visual memory and seduce it. everything is composition – photography is only one of many means for sparking off associations in the viewer's mind and set stories in motion. in this subtle media setting the images blur the boundary between photography and painting.
Other Information:
the shown works/ series were created and produced under a project sponsoring by the cultural office of the city of stuttgart. working title: "you press the button-we do the rest". "you press the button - we do the rest" was the slogan of the legendary camera "kodak box". built as a marketing tool for the kodak roll film the journey went from color negative films, slide films ektachrome, the kodak e-6 processing principle up to 1987 the world's first produced digital SLR.