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My daughter Ora is a low-functioning autistic. In her 10 years she does not speak, she does not dress herself, does not go to the toilet. The daughter hardly understands facial expressions and gestures of people. She never cries because of her low sensitivity to physical pain. She touches sharp and hot objects with passion. But she trembles and hides behind me when she sees a garbage truck.

Why does a person with peculiarities behave this way? I am the mother of a child with autism, and often I find it difficult to read her real pain and fear, anxiety and joy. Once I tried to get into her skin: I tried doing what I forbade her. I touched hot and prickly objects, threw note sheets into the water, ate with my hands ... In the first moments of the shooting, my daughter looked in amazement at the unusual actions, and then she quickly didn't let me continue - she joined the game with excitement. She was putting a box on my head, gloves on my feet, stacking stones in my mouth. A totally lonely girl, she suddenly had a friend who speaks her language.