We are Temporary Reality
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100 years ago Finnish woman was the first woman in Europe to vote for political ideology. The same women could order her coffee in cafeteria but couldn’t order her plate in restaurant. Her position was to stay indoors, dedicating her time for the family. In contrary the man was visible outside of home.
This historical reality as we consider it as conservatism – roles between a woman and a man – has remained in cases where the woman´s identity has been evaluated in populist perspective.

Therefor I stage the female as a mother or a daughter. The physiological tensions and relationships indoors drives me to photograph mise-en-scene photographs. I see the scene as a platform of hidden emotions and identity of a mother or a daughter. The few exceptions, where the man is presented as a protagonist deals society issues such as: 1980´s apartheid in South-Africa, terrorism in our current time. Issues I have faced in my private life. All of these subjects keeps me working to find a picture to describe the temporary realities we call life.