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Cuba is enchanting and fascinating, not only for its beauties of nature, as someone might think but for the people themselves. They are the real “monument of Cuba”. Their spirit and lifestyle are what makes this place magic. Nevertheless an indisputable lack of wealth and economic backwardness, Cubans are a proud, fierce and resilient population, with one of the highest percentage of literacy worldwide.

Cuba is a great multi-ethnic nation, home to people of different ethnic and national backgrounds. An autosomal study from 2014 has found out the genetic ancestry to be 72% European (mostly Spaniards), 20% African and 8% Native American. As a result, some Cubans do not treat their nationality as an ethnicity but as a citizenship with various ethnicities and national origins comprising the "Cuban people.”

My portrait work wishes to be, not only a small atlas of the demographic profile of Cuba but also an evidence of the amazing atmosphere which only this population can conceive.