Project info

In our everyday lives we are bombarded with thousands even millions of images. Suffering information overload we filter out the vast majority of these impressions – the person we pass on the street or sitting in the car next to us at the stop light. We only ‘see’ those people, places and things that ‘matter’, all else becomes ‘noise’; filtered into the background of consciousness – vaguely familiar, yet simultaneously foreign. I take photographic portraits every day. Not of the ‘importance’ in my life, but the seemingly insignificant, often overlooked and unknown individuals we each encounter as we go about our days. These portraits are not newsworthy, but are tributes to those steering their lives through the everyday, the ignored moments, and the places they pass. What I present, invites the viewer to be interested, to pay attention, to notice, and ultimately to acknowledge the people depicted. To capture a moment which isn’t staged, but reveals something about the person, a time or place which actually becomes a more complex interaction of both art and timing . . . and also good luck.