Kenats Noah
Project info

“Kenats Noah” is a series about people beyond the reinassance of Armenian wine. Nestled at the croassroads of Asia and Europe, Armenia is a small yet resilient country. Twentieth-century Armenia was characterized by massive displacement, conflict, and shifting borders. In autumn 2017 I immersed myself within the Armenian wine community to listen their own stories, from wine makers to seasonal workers. The struggles against adversity were the common point in mainly stories, as well the resilience and the willingness to look forward. "Do you know the difference between your arm and my arm?" asked me an old man in Areni village. "Your arm is made for fight (arm-army), Armenian arm is made for fly". Indeed the word "arm" in Armenian could be translated as "wing". If the arm is the expression of our spirit, the rise of Armenian wine reflect the brightness and the faith of Armenian people.