Fedél Nélkül (No Roof)
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As per law, homeless is “who spends his nights in public” (law III., 1993.). Homeless living in the streets are stereotypically idle, dirty, neglected, and primarily they are, who appear on media, although – according to the experienced social worker – they make only 5-10% of homeless population.
As per law, homeless is “who spends his nights in places not meant for housing”, or “has no registered address”, or “his registered address is a homeless shelter” (law III., 1993.). On buses, in stores, in the streets we do not even recognize them: being homeless has no visual identification mark.
Streetpaper Fedél Nélkül (No Roof) was created by a then homeless man (Tibor Ungi, †1999), is written and distributed by mostly homeless people, and is issued by Menhely Alapítvány (Shelter Foundation).
As it is easy to judge a faceless mass with stereotypical statements like "it0s surely their own fault", or "why don't they get jobs", it is harder to do so if the subject has a face and a life behind who he is now.
With this series I try to challenge the image of the homeless, and homelessness as a circumstance of life.