Project info

"Cinematographers" is a collection of portraits of directors of photography around the world. I have been working on it since 1995. The idea is to create an independent (thus not financed by any company or institution) selection of photographic portraits of artists who, playing crucial role in the filmmaking process (very often being true co-creators of the film), are almost not known by the general public. This project, however, is not aiming at creating a new group of film celebrities or denying the central role of the director. Its goal is rather to inspire the film audience to become a bit more aware of how movies are really being made: that they are a huge COMMON effort. But first of all, it is a tribute to the authors of image who - through their own creative use of light, composition, movement, rhythm, texture and color - have been changing our way of thinking about film and - in consequence - very often also our way of seeing the world. While taking these environmental portraits I’m always seeking to touch/suggest the source of sensitivity and creative passion of the subject, therefore active collaboration of photographed cinematographer on choosing the location where the photo is taken and on finding the right frame and light is of the highest importance. 
So far I have had an honour to collaborate with 128 cinematographers in 26 countries. This unique collection of great artist like Henri Alikan, KK Mahajan, Jack Cardiff, Freddie Yound, Sven, Nykvist, Giuseppe Rotuno, Vittorio Storaro, Subrata Mitra, Witold & Piotr Sobocinski, Raul Coutard, Darius Khonji, César Charlone, Michael Ballhaus, Haskell Wexler, Conrad Hall etc. 
My project is addressed to moviegoers, art and film students, photography lovers and historian of cinema.
Last photographa was taken November 21, 2017.
To finish the project I have to make 20 more portraits. The cinematographers from Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, Nigeria are waiting for my visit.