Stop Dreaming II
Project info

My work is driven by fantasies based on household items. Over the years these items, such as rag, knife, broom, have appeared in varying contexts in exhibitions previously shown.
The source of inspiration for the title of this new work that I am proposing comes from an English teacher who shouted at me and demanded that I stop daydreaming during the lesson. The sentence has been engraved in my memory throughout the years and is at the root of the creative process of this series.
The work consists of three partial segments taken from previous series and joined to form a whole new body of work .

Thus Do They All
The title of this segment was borrowed from Mozart’s opera "Cosi Fan Tutte" . It is characterized by the juxtaposition between images taken from a kitchen utensils in a manner that is open to a number of interpretations beyond their function in everyday life. As an artist, woman and mother, a dichotomy is ever present between the routine of household chores and thoughts running through my mind and imagination while performing them, as witnessed in this work.
A Portrait and Steel Wool
In this series of images, steel wool has a dual purpose: it serves to obliterate the face portrayed, as well as providing raw material for a theatrical play incorporating masks.
As a photographer, I seek to couple elements which are not essentially connected in order to form relationships suggestive of new meanings. The images in my work are focused around a dimension which is purposely deceiving and divorced from recognizable concrete and ordinary perceptions we have of the elements present in the photographs.
A Portrait with knife
The knife serves to bisect the image and hide the mouth; it suggests the potential of violence in cutting or slashing it. This usage of a knife is a pointed deviation from the world of the kitchen.

Stop Dreaming II in its entirety deals with the disparity between objects found in the protective environment of home and the fearful threat implied when these objects are used to create photographic images that assume disturbing meanings.