4th Human Being Realized
Project info

It is a portrait project that conceives a fourth human being in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Our generation has entered post-humanism. In the process of the demarcation of the boundary between human and machine, I asked where is the human category. Biotechnology grows fast and Big Data controls our lives. The smarter artificial intelligence goes beyond the human realm. If all the physical human conditions could be created with cutting-edge technology, it would be a spiritual thing to make human beings 'human'. I think that transcending oneself spiritually is probably an important part of the next humanism. Human beings are literally in the process of new evolution now. Perhaps, what we need is not pursuit of physical agelessness, but spiritual maturity and transcendence. Being a god of oneself through self-transcendence. I carefully surmise that it will become the portraiture of the next post-human generation.