Rebellious Spirits / ongoing documentary project / 2018
Project info

Women in Arab world and Middle East have always had much less power than men. The combination of legislative laws, sharia, and traditional practices leave women vulnerable to discrimination, violence, and continue to forbid them from obtaining equal rights to men, and prevent them from playing their natural role in building a healthy society.
“Rebellious Spirits” is trying to identify the woman in her space and time.
“Rebellious Spirits” is a multi-levels project examines at same time the relation between the woman and her restrictions and then the relation with the new reality which is imposed upon her as fate and which is affected by conflicts, wars and displacement; it is a visual evocation of the pain and desire of those women who struggle to survive in their new land, and trying to break their taboos!
Photography is used to present a powerful and original insight into everyday life. Through this approach I want to convey the same feelings I had during my visit to the Turkish camps, to let people get closer to understanding how these women live their lives, despite all the red lines.
By using metaphors, strict and dim compositions, black and white style, I try to express my thoughts to the viewers so they could have the ability to imagine the lives of those women by focusing on a deeper human perspective.
A lonely window tries to touch the face of the city, hunting the lights, eyes wide shut are some portraits in the project reflect my conceptual approach towards it!