Drunken Poet's Dream
Project info

A few years ago, I heard the song 'Drunken Poet's Dream' recorded by a wild Texan musician, Ray Wylie Hubbard. Great song. I was immediately struck by these three words together...Drunken Poet's Dream; alluring, wonderful and tragic...like a big lightening storm, really uncomfortable and really beautiful at exactly the same time. I think such duality is true for the very best things in life. Loving someone is really uncomfortable and really beautiful. Having children is uncomfortable and beautiful. Being an artist is uncomfortable and beautiful. This series explores the ever-present internal tension and the external visual sensitivity of my own full, complicated, difficult and rich life. On a technical note...I am old school. I don't use photoshop or any digital trickery. I do on occasion use my own prints as a "backdrop" or "stage" for a new image or story. All of my work is captured with medium format film. I process, print and tone in my home darkroom.