Women of Barcelona
Project info

Looking women's moments of protest against the repression of the independence movement in Catalonia.
What is Catalonia? What happened from 1-10-2017? It is a rather complicated story that has its roots in the past. For three months many things have happened between separatists and unionists. A very delicate and hot moment for Spain and the Catalan capital, Barcelona. So already that I found myself in the middle, I decided to make this small project.
A series of photographs that tries to show the feminine side of the numerous protests that followed one another in the city. So the project shows the strong and passionate spirit of the Catalan movement from the woman's perspective, ready to take to the streets and to demonstrate against political injustice and the desire for freedom for Catalonia. A work of about three months developed in the city of Barcelona, famous for its rivalry against the government of Madrid.