Ground Cloud
Project info

Han Sungpil has consistently been capturing the core themes of nature, the environment and energy. This photographic work taken near a nuclear power plant in Nogent-sur-Seine, 1 hour away by local train from Paris in France, expresses the peculiar boundary between people’s rational understanding of and emotional response to nuclear power. The presence of a nuclear reactor in the distance is hardly noticeable, but it emerges against the backdrop of a huge foggy cloud giving off a certain sense of force beyond control. France has a total of 59 nuclear reactors in operation around the country, including the one in Nogent-sur-Seine-a number that is higher than any other European countries. Nuclear power accounts for nearly 80% of electricity generation in this country and its export of nuclear power and the environment, the nuclear reactor in Nogent-sur-seine keeps keeps giving off water vapor s that look like a cloud rising from the land. And the sky, the forest, and the water around it remain silent with their striking cleanliness intact. While watching a series of this kind of landscape in the small city of Nogent-sur-Seine located in the upper Seine River that runs through Paris, “it felt very surreal even though it was real”

Choi Eunju
(Chief Curator of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea)
- Nuclear Security Summit Seoul 2012 Media Center &
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea.