Balkan Playground
Project info

This is a story about identification of people and places. The story about what Balkans are today. One of the definitions of the Balkans is a geographical one, describing the countries on the Balkan Peninsula south of the River Danube. Another describes the Balkans as Slavic states which were once under Turkish influence. I’m looking for a new definition. As the great photographers of the road, who travelled across America and created a significant panorama of the US over the last 70 years, I travelled across the united states of Balkans.

In the end of summer I hit the road without any plans, any expectations or date of return. The only goal was to explore personally what Balkans are. I travelled across 11 Balkan countries. I was travelling by car, as slowly as I could. I slept in the car, I put myself in photography mood. My mind was one-eye input machine. I sometimes step behind the shadow line and observe the reality. I created the series that shows people and places in that specific time in universal way.

The whole series consist of 60 selected images.