Animal/anima Part I At the Edge
Project info

The connections between humans and animals have been depicted since pieces of charcoal were first taken to the walls of cave. From superiority to love, from indifference to outrage, from fear to joy, Animal/anima follows our interaction with animals in all its variations. This three part series allows us to consider how we feel by scrutinizing how we behave.

Part I, At the Edge, takes the carnage of animals killed in traffic and turns it into something, which at times is nearly content free. The abstract compositions elicit empathy, but steer clear of sentimentality as they become studies of feather and fur, texture and light. These animals are no less beautiful than those that are depicted in nature, but their death changes our reaction. Images of wild beasts eviscerated by modern machines, allow us to see them in ways that could never happen if they were alive.