Blue Jungle - Dual Landscape
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Dual Landscape

The deforestation occurring in Indonesia and the expansion of the Gobi Desert are both causes of global warming.
Eight years ago, I traveled to Kalimantan, Indonesia about 2,000km for a research and photography project. The Indonesian jungle reserve maintains 10 % of the worlds remaining tropical rainforest. However, I witnessed only burning trees and weeds upon my arrival. Forests are disappearing at a rate of up to two million hectares per year because of widespread logging and slash-and-burn agriculture. Often times slash-and-burn is the cause of many of the fires that spread out of control in this region. Furthermore, biomass burning is a major source of gases in the atmosphere that contribute to global warming.

The Gobi Desert expansion creates one of the most dramatic effects of global warming and one of the biggest environmental disasters on our planet. The expansion causes the serious problem of Yellow Sand Wind entering China, Korea and Japan every spring.
Through my project in Land Art Mongolia 360, I will transform the Gobi Desert into an imaginary and virtual space using images from my project in Indonesia. In this installation, I am using materials sourced from the Mongolian Ger. Placing an image from the Indonesian rainforest in the Gobi Desert blurs the boundary between actual and virtual situations. In my photography, I capture thematically related and co-existing real space and visual illusion.
I wish to present this project as a reminder of the seriousness of our environmental situation.

Material : Photo on the Fabric, Wood, Rope
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Blue Jungle

When I was a child,

I often dreamt of standing alone
in the middle of jungle,
where was an utopia coving with green and forest areas,
surrounded by many kinds of unknown plants and animals.

Driving around the bumpy yellow soil road for a long journey,
I finally encountered my childhood destination.

There were only burning trees and weeds…
Dry and cold

A vanishing scenery


Just as I turned into the meaningless land,
The colour of my dreamland is not green any more,
fulfilled with gloomy blue.
When I realize the truth about my jungle,
my childhood dream disappears into the blue air

All but reminds dystopia for wild animals losing their home

Kalimantan, January 2005