Stilled Films
Project info

The working principle of the series Stilled Films is the dissolution of a movie into its many thousands of constituent frames. These frames were rearranged chronologically in rows from left to right, to one single picture. Basis of the work are the films of Stanley Kubrick. The size of a picture is determined by aspect ratio and the length of the film. The frames are always 4mm wide – the longer the film the wider the picture.

In his work, Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube deals with film and photography by analyzing their different forms of depiction and perception. Which preconditions concerning form, aesthetic and composition do film and photography require? With his work, Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube explores and expands these technical possibilities. The artist compares his approach with the method of a scientist. By dissecting, dismantling, segregating and analyzing the source material into its smallest bits, he questions our viewing habits and creates something new from the components. The process of deconstruction is always followed by a process of construction.