Still Movies
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The pictures of Zoltán Vancsó should not be written about, thought about, or associated with anything. These photographs are meditative objects. Let us stop and look at them. And let us allow the pictures to look at us. Incessantly, silently, peacefully. Let us not step into the pictures; we would only disturb their silence. Rather, let us allow their photographed quiet and calmness to affect us.
After a while our tormented minds will become tranquil; we will realize that we needn't rush, we needn’t act in flourish, think in panic, plan things out, achieve, pursue, fear, or feel anxiety. They create peace within our hearts.
Lao-tse claims that Tao cannot be said with words. But it seems as though it was possible to photograph it. Let us meditate on Zoltán’s photos, and we will soon realize that we have found our way home.
(Péter Müller)

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