Project info

Collaborative Photography Project (Dominic Lippillo and Mark Schoon)
Two 4x4" images on 11x14" paper

In a collaborative effort, two photographers living 1,114 miles apart approach their homes as the sites for an exploration of domesticity. Through the use of the diptych format, two images come together to form a dialogue about proximity, locality, and space versus place.

Beginning independently, one photographer creates an image of his home and sends it to the other. The recipient in turn responds to the image with a second, paying attention to subtle details such as light, color, and texture to find similarities and differences in his home. In doing so, the hope is to create a conversation pertaining to the definition, use, and perception of place.

The images are printed on the same piece of paper at the intimate scale of four by four inches to allow for a close inspection. Through this process, the language of photography creates a dialogue between the two differently depicted environments.

As we question the depiction of domesticity individually, through the juxtaposition of the two images we are examining how photographs can create a new meaning as they engage one another.