Project info

Collaborative Photography Project (Dominic Lippillo and Mark Schoon)
30x40 and 15x19
Inkjet Print on Rag Paper

In this series, two images of our own home interiors are visually connected to create the illusion of a singular photograph and space. In doing so, the “new” space that is created through this process appears as one home. The literal connection of the two images in the print creates a thin seam that appears and disappears. This newly forged space forms a photographically unique location where memories and past experiences merge to create new histories, narratives, and non-places. Through this language of photography we attempt to subvert boundaries of class and geographic location. Additionally, the meaning of home is deconstructed to explore notions of perception, distance, time, and space.

In Roland Barthes’ Camera Lucida, he states “Whatever it grants to vision and whatever its manner, a photograph is always invisible: it is not it that we see”. Our collaborative approach is to precisely deconstruct “it” while making “it” seen. By emphasizing the medium of photography we seek to underscore some of its inherent properties while furthering our investigative objectives.