Transition Time
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The secret of Present - this eternal connection between the past, the memory, the root, with the future, the dream, the fruit. What is in between - the aspiration to keep the baggage, given by the past and bring it to the unknown, new place, reality, language of future, which will be formed as consequence of our past. Eternal Choice, second title of the series, urges us to think about what should we focus on right now, in this moment, day, year, age… The dream land of future will be given to us from above, if we deserve it, but we should not forget all those from the past, the way we already went through. Of course, both directions are strong, and pull us in different directions - we could focus on reflection of the past, or on the projection into the future, but what is really important is to understand the value of the present. To feel life. To live it. There are many mistakes in our history, but we can correct it, if we change our relation to it and then act with this new relation. If the past forgives us. If the future will see us innocent. There are many things we would love to forget - but they will appear in the future, until we solve and accept them. This Transition is what makes Time to exist. And until we learn how to look to the truth’s eyes, we will not be able to move, this moment will be frozen.