Project info

Roberto Greco created this series of still lifes in the same way a perfumer distills a scent, by effortlessly mixing top notes, middle notes and base notes.

In this new story, designed as a kind of animal herbarium, the external and internal dimensions of the subjects are revealed by the space in which they are wrapped. Indeed, the set design, inspired by the aesthetic avant-garde of the twentieth century, imperceptibly leads the viewer to animals, forcing them to caress their skin …. virtually.

Ironically, between metaphysical balance and bestiality, these images with subtle gradations of color and surreal atmosphere, affecting our innermost fibres, make us face our own brutality.

The photo story is complemented by a video called De Profundis, which allows visitors to immerse themselves in a dimension in which "fantasy flirts with gravity, and even if we don't laugh, there is no more reason to be sad"...

link for the video :