Dark Sharks/Light Rays
Project info

Dark Sharks/Light Rays: Sharks and rays have been swimming on Earth for eons. These creatures are closely related and prehistoric, so are the waters in which they swim These photographs provide a unique view; they are not the typical slicked up representation of the underwater worlds often found in scuba magazines. The Dark Sharks are rendered in a way that is kindred to that of cave paintings. Our feeling towards these primeval animals comes from deep within our most primitive selves. The seas are often roiled and filled with current when the sharks are around but water has boundless variations and it is in a constant state of transformation. When the wild ocean calms, the flow between these intertwined series occurs organically, often on the same dive. The Light Rays are a counterpoint to the Dark Sharks. Where the Dark Sharks ask the viewer to bear witness to the power and visceral essence of the ocean, the Light Rays printed like graceful etchings represent the ocean’s peaceful, meditative qualities. But water is forever fickle; so occasionally and unexpectedly the line between the two groups is blurred by the whims of the sea. The pictures lie in the realm of where natural history gives way to the ineffable They are hard to classify but their subject is relevant and matters.