Project info

This series explores themes of intimacy and regeneration. Portraits of animals and the human figure showcase the forces at work in the body: orgasm, hunger, decay. The often-abject nature of these images emphasizes the physical vulnerability of my subjects. Regeneration is an act of emotional intersection: a space where intimacy, vulnerability and profanity collide.

This is a meditation on human connection: subjects allow me to expose their intimate moments, they interact with each other and their own desires. But where the audience is concerned, these photographs have the potential for disconnection. The tendency to look away, to deny abjection, is a lack of intimacy.

The distance of the camera further expresses this divide. A photograph is a removed witness, and yet my decision to use analogue materials—a large format camera, slide and negative film—is hands-on and physical. The use of these materials, and of these subjects, responds to modern ways of living: autonomy is valued over community and technology enables isolation. In the emotional landscape, this is the tension between seeing and feeling, distance and togetherness, desire and disgust.