Outside Homeland, No Where to Hide!
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Countless Syrian photos, at camps, in front of a heartless camera, under the rubble, on posters and brochures along the corridors of the United Nations, billboards images for Caritas advertisements to support our right of being human! Images of Syrians waiting for the regime barrel bombs or ISIS knives or water that’s always cut! Photos of us standing in a long queue stretching from Damascus to Sofia, Athens and even Oslo searching for an alternative homeland, a decent income, health insurance card and a travel document that gives us the right to move like zero class humans in the fast train of the world! Photos in the deep bottom of the sea with tuna and salmon, coloured photos in parks, at museums and in front of God’s own churches in cold Europe while we are practising our complete freedom of taking selfies and sending them to the rest of the family who stayed behind in the Syrian counties. comas, numbers and dots that are all to the left!
More than seven years have passed and the war in Syria still eats everything and everybody. It is cutting off all possible ways of life, besieging Syrians and blocking them from living, security and peace. With every passing day, the sense of despair and helplessness of Syrians deepens because their case is abandoned by the whole world and they are left alone to face a barbaric merciless killing machine.
With this harsh landscape that has been grown by time, Syrians migrate to Europe to escape the war, hoping to obtain a better future for them and for their children.
As a Syrian refugee in Europe, my camera is my weapon in the face of fear, nostalgia, alienation, and exile.