Project info

"Greeks" are a collection of black and white photographs that were produced over a period of years, from 1986 to 2004. They come from different thematic entities. Some images come from recollections of fairytales, personal feelings and experiences as a child, other images come from my love for nature and for Greece, while others are connected subconsiously to my fear of death, loneliness and the irrationality of life.
I worked on subjects that interested me through scenes of everyday life. I watched the movement of things and created new compositions by adding or subtracting elements from the photographic frame. Usually I subtracted, as I love images that tell their story in a simple way.
I considered the most fascinating aspect of photography the implusive selection of a moment in order to capture an image. It cannot be explained by logic: it is like a revelation. It depends on who you are and what is happening to you right then. All the magic of «to photograph»,as Cartier Bresson has said, is hidden in the undetectable flash of a second where the soul, the mind and the eye will come into balance in a straight line.