Other Ways of Knowing
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We live in a culture driven by visual imagery, where photographs have a higher value than words and immensely influence what we think. Currency is given to the visual with very little consideration of what it is we’re buying into. 3.2 billion images are shared on social media daily and our image culture has conditioned us to spend less time looking and more time scrolling.

Within that vast array of imagery, a very small percentage are without construction, filters, adjustments and it’s become increasingly difficult to discern between a constructed image and a truthful one. Understanding constructed imagery has become part of our visual literacy.

We now need different systems to gather information. ‘Other Ways of Knowing’ looks at constructed images and asks whether we can change our relationship to images and return to gut instinct and intuition.

Other Ways of Knowing references methods of illusion and misdirection designed to subliminally influence choice.