Purgatory Road
Project info

Purgatory Road is an ongoing project that takes its title from an actual place where I live in the summer months – a wooded region that is divided by a dirt-covered path. Local legends and folklore surround this road, where on one side, the land slopes down into a cavernous area that is ominous and dark. On the opposite side lies a lush, peaceful forest. Rooted in my concern for the environment, these images serve as metaphors for the concept of “purgatory” as a state of “in-between”; a place where visual and conceptual polarities intersect and become blurry.

Photographed on location or composed from specimens collected on walks through the woods, my images collectively describe a sense of place, while capturing cycles of growth and decay. I am especially interested in moments that seem to hover between fragility and resilience, where life feels suspended and uncertainty reigns. Light and shadow, transparent layering, and the element of chance help to capture the magic and mystery of a place where perception itself can easily slip to one side of “the road” or the other.

Lately, it feels like we are living in a time of constant uncertainty. The photographs in this series are meant to function as gentle reminders about how fragile life can be and the ability to find hope in the dark unknown.