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The composition of triptychs in this series intensifies one of the most notable characteristics of the ocean: movement, change, continuous transformation. The formalist approach applied to photographs taken on an empty beach in new moon nights, in the complete absence of light except for the flash of the camera, works with several elements:
Continuity and discontinuity relationships between the shapes in the images, which may constitute detachments or approximations in relation to realistic representations of the subject; the dynamics of the motion of the sea, enhanced by the frozen images and by the flash; the contrast between the presence of volumes and emptiness; the contrast between tonal relationships in grayscale, ranging from the luminous white of the sea foam to the deep black of new moon nights; the configurations of abstractions; the subversion of the horizon as a reference, so important in pictures of the ocean; the construction of the time-sequence or serial dimension by means of the triptychs, thereby creating small narratives; and texture configurations, varying from the calm water surface to the foam and to the movement and breaking of the waves.