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The sea is a primary element of life. Writers, poets and phylosophers use its image,as well as its aspects, fluids and metaphysical elements.

Man is in a continual challenge with the sea. He transposes its surface to go deeper. When immersed, he surrenders taken by sensations and nature.

The images reproduce the view of an observer of this universe and show the steady and varied relation of this man with the sea.

The pictures were taken in the water to convey the several physical experiences, such as the lack of balance, dizziness, tension, harmony, the continuous moviment, the sound and the taste of salt. To photograph in the water, vision is not enough. It demands the whole body using its all five senses. The camera is a bit below the horizon and the waves are "mountains" in movement. This way, physical and psychological aspects are affected.

It's not merely the expressive and finished idea of a view. One enters a world of subjectivity. In the water, the equipment incorporates different lenses, creating new interpretations.

Men and women are part of this view and they seek to transform the observer into a coadjutant of his sensations and emotions.