My glasses don,t let me sleep
Project info

One night I came across a pair of paper glasses, a fitting metaphor for my new perspective of Madrid! The red plastic lenses giving a literal ‘rose-tint’ to the city. As I started experimenting with them I became interested in the parallel world they exposed in my photos. The same world I was seeing at night. The glasses augmented their surrounding reality through colour, turning the dark streets into a fantasy scape.

The question that arises is this: Why am I exhibiting Madrid in this way? As a visitor to the city (my experience of 10 months, coming from India), Madrid is parallel world to my own. My project can be seen as an emotional reaction to Madrid. As I explored the different neighbourhoods, I began to feel that each one altered my perception of the city a bit more. I began to feel a kind of kinship with the night, feeling an attraction to the city’s transformation.